John Visentin dead, Chief Executive Officer – cause of death

John Visentin, CEO of Xerox Corporation, has 247 employee reviews and a score of 47/100, placing him in the bottom 5% of similarly sized companies and the bottom 5% of other New York companies on Comparably With 10,000+Employees. When we segmented CEO scores by factors such as department, gender, and ethnicity, we found that at Xerox, women rated John Visentin higher than men, giving the CEO a score of 49/100.

The CEO Score provides insight into how employees rate the leadership style and effectiveness of the Xerox CEO.

Based on 247 reviews, John Visentin ranks just below HPE CEO Antonio Neri.

Xerox CEOs are highly rated by Hispanic or Latino employees, executives, and employees who have been with the company for less than 1 year. However, business development, African American/Black employees, and technology have a less optimistic view of the CEO and see room for improvement. Overall, CEO ratings have remained stable over the past 90 days.

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