Linda Whetstone dead, Chairman at Network for a Free Society Atlas Network

Have a lifelong interest in the creativity of a free society, and spread these ideas to less known and urgently needed places.

Chairman of Atlas Network, Free Social Network and British Dressage, and member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Islamic and Free Network. My husband and I run a small business in Sussex and have written articles on agriculture, trade and development issues. In 2016, Nouh el Harmouzi and I co-edited the Islamic Free Social Foundation published by the Institute of Economic Affairs. The book has been published in Dari, Indonesian, Arabic, French and Persian.

Through the Free Social Network, we have developed a “Free Society Ideas” CD to provide free texts that are not available in universities or through the Internet due to ideological or copyright reasons or high cost or high cost in many countries. Reliable internet connection. More than 150,000 copies of these copies have been distributed in approximately 60 countries. These are now available in Portuguese, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Dari. Although they are fairly old technologies, they are still very popular.

Despite this, books are still more popular when funds allow. NFS is now funding translation, printing and promotion of Chinese, Armenian, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Bosnian, Serbian, French, Swahili, Nepali, Sinhala, Ukrainian, Ur Classical liberalism books in both languages ​​and Spanish, used in Venezuela, Indonesia and Turkey.

NFS only provides CDs or books to reliable partners in relevant countries, who explore and promote them with recipients in conferences and seminars so that they can understand the ideas. When there is no experienced counselor, the book itself is used as a teacher. For example, the “Free Society Foundation” has been used many times to introduce the concept of a free society to young intellectuals.

We have received reports from many people whose minds and lives have changed after introducing these ideas through our CDs or books.

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