Maeva Ghennam leaked video full Telegram – Twitter and reddit whit mother

It has been a few days since Maeva Ghennam left Dubai for her home in Marseille. This is a good time for her to recharge herself, as she and a few people in the house have been cold for a while. During these holidays, Maeva Ghennam is with her mother. The latter are very close accomplices. Also, Maeva Ghennam’s mother started to gain notoriety on social networks. Unfortunately, she made a big mistake on her Snapchat account…she didn’t notice the fact that Maeva Ghennam was naked behind her when she took a picture of herself!

The beautiful brunette mom quickly realized her mistake and quickly deleted her snaps. Unfortunately, it was quickly censored by netizens and is already running on social networks. On Twitter, everyone has their own little comment… and then we read: “My question is why is she walking around so naked (…) while the other person is always naked (… …) everything is calculated, so we talk about it #SheCaughtMaevaGhenamStarting to be forgotten(…) It doesn’t change anything! She’s naked all year round.”

Given the situation, Maeva Ghennam reacted quickly. She broke down in tears on the social network, explaining: “I swear to you, I have too much nerve with my mother. She posts pictures and she doesn’t even look at them. But please don’t start spinning pictures. She didn’t mean to. I hate her so much, I swear. There is no doubt that Maeva Ghennam’s mother is responsible for this mistake… From now on she will check several times before posting anything on social networks.

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