Maxim Slobodian dead? Whats happened maximignite?

The Brampton Centennial High School massacre was a shooting at the Brampton Centennial High School in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This is Canada’s first school shooting.

On Wednesday, May 28, 1975, 16-year-old Michael Slobodian shot in the boy’s bathroom. Slobodian killed his classmate John Slinger in the boy’s bathroom, then killed his English teacher Margaret Wright and wounded 13 other students in the art classroom. Slobodian then committed suicide in a hallway at the school.

Ontario Premier William Davis has a 15-year-old daughter, Cathy Davis, who attends the school, but she was not injured. Another witness to the shooting was future “Kids in the Hall” star Scott Thompson, a classmate and acquaintance of Slobodian.

The shooting led to strict gun laws in Canada. In the past, anyone could go to a store and buy a gun.

Slobodian terror may help drive gun law changes

Michael Slobodian’s legacy may be more than a string of broken families and traumatized lives.

In the days following the Brampton Centennial High School shooting, thousands of names were written on a petition calling for better gun control by the federal government. Slobodian is not a criminal. He’s a gun-carrying boy who lashes out when he’s angry.

The day after the shooting, then-Ontario Premier William Davis (whose 15-year-old daughter Cathy was attending Centennial Secondary School at the time of the shooting) asked his attorney general, John Clement, to meet the federal attorney general Ottolang and Attorney General Warren Allmand did so to review strict revisions to the Penal Code.

Pat and Berwick Slinger put their grief on hold after the death of their son John, said to be Slobodian’s only friend, and testified in the ensuing investigation calling for gun control rules. The Slingers took the petition to Ottawa, where they met with Allmand, who in 1995 chaired a committee that reviewed Attorney General Alan Locke’s gun registration laws — proposed laws that would make obtaining guns more difficult. These recommendations were recommended for legislation and accepted.

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