Memphis IRS shooting today now, Active shooter news

A Memphis TV reporter was emotional Wednesday as he discussed a shooting that left four dead and three injured days after a local jogger was kidnapped. “This is an extremely dangerous situation. And I know…” Joyce Peterson, a reporter from NBC-affiliated WMC in Memphis, said before pausing. “Memphis is tired right now. Yes. I’m fine. … Read more

Ezekiel Kelly shooter? The killer of Memphis – is suicide facebook live?

Memphis police are looking for a 19-year-old man allegedly responsible for multiple shootings Wednesday night and are urging police to warn residents to stay indoors. Memphis Police Sgt. Louis Brownlee said the man was Ezekiel Kelly. Kelly was arrested in 2020 for attempted first-degree murder and reckless endangerment. He was sentenced to three years in … Read more

Ventura College shooting now today, Whats happened? active shooter now

There is a shelter-in-place order at Ventura College. @VCCCDPolice and @Ventura_PD are responding to reports of active threat. There is currently no confirmation of the threat. Remain clear of the campus as officers conduct searches and investigate. In 1952, following recommendations from a commissioned study on population growth and building needs, the Ventura High School … Read more