PNB Rock is dead, shot in Los Angeles, – cause of death and whats happened?

Desiigner revealed more about his mindset when it came to deciding to leave Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music record company.

In an interview with Vlad TV released Thursday (September 8), the 25-year-old New York native talked about the personal and business factors that led him to leave the brand, which has worked for 2Chainz, Big Sean and more.

In addition to the difficulties he faced in high-profile collaborations with the likes of PNB Rock, Desiigner explained how he coped with the issue of directly connecting with Kanye West, while also dealing with the stress of caring for his ailing father.

“The reason I left Ye was because I was going through some psychological issues,” Desiigner told Vlad. “I just got out of high school and my dad just fell into a coma. During the tour, I had a lot of fun, but all I knew was something was going on at home, my mom and my health and so on. So it was like , I wanted you to talk to Yeh, but it was hard. So I just ended up, I don’t know, I just went through it. I was in a young emotional phase at the time, but bro I had a good time. “

Desiigner also mentioned his emotions during this time and explained his emotions during G.O.O.D. Music was thrown directly into the fire.

“I can’t express what’s going on in the crib in front of my tag mates. Maybe I shouldn’t take my emotions into the game. But it’s like, I was young and I was never taught not to take your emotions away from the game. Because I come from a place where not a lot of people have made it, bro. All we get is the emotion in the hood. We push the emotion out, and the situation arises because there is only emotion there.

He continued: “So I’m so used to it, I just want someone who likes Big Brother stuff and is on the label at the same time. Not just ‘hey designer he made us so much’, but” Bro really look at his background”, you know you have to cheer him up ASAP. Let him know what he can say about the interview, some shit because I’m getting nervous and I can’t lie. When I show up ,I am very nervous.”

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