Stray kids dedicates video to dead director Jay noona

Before coming back, Stray Kids put together some wonderful content for STAY, which made us expect more and more that they would return to the stage.

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After winning the KINGDOM championship, JYP entertainment idol group continued to release some songs for fans, let’s enjoy their talents again. The time has come for them to come back with the album and they are working hard to show their best to their fans.

image 149
image 149

So far we’ve seen all kinds of trailers, trailer photos, etc., but now that the comeback show is coming up, the singers are preparing the final details, and there are a few things that give them strength.

Stray Kids prepared some content with Mnet before, and then we hear Bang Chan reveal that his confidence on stage is possible because the group members have each other and because they fully trust everyone’s abilities.

With the arrival of NOEASY, STAY also began to fervently support idols who like new songs. Bang Chan keeps in touch with his fans, so he sends them a beautiful message.

The singer knows that his fans will spare no effort to express his love for him, but he hopes that they do not work excessively, but that they take care of themselves and have fun listening to his new songs.

We’re getting closer and closer to hearing this long-awaited album, so stay tuned and don’t miss any details of Stray Kids’ return.

On the other hand, we tell everyone that EXO’s Xiumin has made a full recovery, and fans have expressed their joy for the idol’s health.

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