Suspicious death of Mahant Narendra Giri, chairman of Akhara Parishad – dead

Mahant Narendra Giri dead

Graji beach. Swami Narendra Giri, president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad and Mahant of the Lete Hanuman Temple on Sangam Beach, died under suspicious circumstances. His body was found hanging in the room of Baghambri Gaddi Math in Alapur. According to information received so far, the police also rushed to the scene. IG Range KP Singh said that he has arrived at the scene. It appears to be a case of suicide by hanging. The forensic team has been called to the scene.

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Dispute with disciple Anand Giri Dispute between celebrities
Narendra Giri and his disciple Anand Giri, the famous yoga teacher, have been headlines in the past. Anand Giri was expelled from the positions of officials of Akh ara Parishad and Mutt Baghambari Gaddi.

Subsequently, the two also accused each other and defended themselves. All the saints support Mahant Narendra Giri. Narendra Giri once said that if Anand Giri apologized, she would think of him. Anand Giri later apologized, but his expulsion was not revoked.

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