Tony Siragusa is dead, Whats happened? cause of death former National Football League defensive tackle

Sometimes life can be a real piss, but Tony Siragusa is here to guide you through some of the more embarrassing parts.

Ad Age (h/t Business Insider) reports that Siragusa, a former NFL player, current Fox Sports analyst and host of Man Caves on the DIY Network, will be the face of the new Depend Shields and Guards designed for men, and they can’t stop them ‘s sonorous sound.

Here’s a link to the video Find Siragusa, proving that when you have time to hang out with a former NFL player, you can sell just about anything.

Well, if we can put our adult hats on for a second, reports suggest this is a very real problem for men in a certain demographic.

Unfortunately, the problem of light bubble leakage has not been solved until now.

This is Kimberly-Clark’s first media campaign to use media advertising to draw attention to mild bladder weakness in men, which the company says affects 23 million people — including one in five men over 60 — a phenomenon more than women. The same issues faced are much less openly discussed.

Great – now I have the life I can look forward to. a good job.

When it comes to women, the report says Whoopi Goldberg ran a similar campaign three years ago. Since your hashtag is incomplete until the words “splash” and “leak” go viral, we’re giving you this ad below.

In this case, Siragusa isn’t claiming that he’s been under the belt much more than he should. But some people do, and damn, he’s here to help.

The ad also links to the website, where potential customers can “get a quiz and a link to an online chat for tips, get a free sample, or order from a retailer.”

All to help men who need a little extra protection. Depend is here to create a little accident that usually leads to “what’s up with that stain, Bob?” questioning what belongs to the past.

If you feel insecure about your bladder and your ability to pass 18 rounds without being a human sprinkler, go out and buy some Depend Guards. Tell them Tony sent you!

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