Video of girl being shot in ohio – Video of an officer shooting Ma’Khia Bryant when he appeared to be trying to stab 2 people

Video of an officer shooting Ma’Khia Bryant when he appeared to be trying to stab 2 people

Police convicted the murder of George Floyd just minutes after the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a black teenager in Columbus, Ohio. A few minutes later, the police continued to use deadly force, causing anger.

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Columbus Police Department officials released footage of the shooting Tuesday night (a few hours after the shooting). Due to the recent series of police killings that led to conflicts between the troops, the troops faced close scrutiny from the public.

The video shows that Kobe accused two people with a knife before the shooting.

The Franklin County Children’s Services Center confirmed the girl’s identity. The Franklin County Children’s Services Center said in a news release that Bryant, 16, was in the agency’s care when she died.

Acting Commissioner Michael Woods told a news conference that the 10-second clip began when a police officer got out of the car at the home where a police officer was dispatched after a person who called 911 said they had been threatened.

When Kobe started brandishing a knife at another girl or woman who fell backwards with a brutal knife, the officer took a few steps towards the group of people in the driveway. The officer yelled for her to hide. Later, Kobe accused another girl or woman who was nailed to the car.

In an image from police camera video shown by Columbus police at a news conference Tuesday night, a teenage girl appeared to be holding a knife during an argument and was shot by police.

A few meters away, someone was on either side, the officer fired four shots and Kobe fell to the ground. A black-handled blade similar to a kitchen knife or steak knife sits on the sidewalk next to it.

A man immediately yelled at the officer: “You don’t have to shoot her! She’s just a girl, a man!”The officer replied, “She was holding a knife. He just attacked her.” Police said Bryant was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. It is unclear if anyone was injured. Woods said state law allows police to use deadly force to protect themselves or others, and investigators will determine whether the shooting is true.

Last summer, the Ohio Department of Criminal Investigation was in the process of reaching an agreement with the city to review the murders. All police shootings will be handled by independent investigators in the office of Attorney General Dave Yost.

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