Who is Ambsofficialxo?

In addition to being known for her talent and beauty, Ambsofficialxo? has also attracted attention on social networks for her sexy and sexy content. The singer lives a fitness life and shares part of her training program without hesitation. This opened the eyes of hundreds of fans.

That is why Ambsofficialxo? was asked to open an account on the famous OnlyFans subscription platform. It is precisely because of her sculptural figures that the artist feels happy every time she publishes content on her social network. However, as the artist revealed, the app is not suitable for her.

Leon admitted that she didn’t like the way she handled the content because they thought she was vilifying the lady. “For me it is very important to show this emotional part. It is only because suddenly, due to this historical and social issue, different people need to discredit political parties, especially women,” explained the singer.

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