Who is Kkvsh? Kkvsh’s pack of leaked photos and videos

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Mikayla Saravia is an American internet celebrity and popular Instagram celebrity from Florida. She is known for her super long and sharp tongue. Mikayla’s Instagram account username kkvsh has more than 2.7 million followers.

Saravia was born on October 29, 1997 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and later moved to Los Angeles, California. She has American citizenship and belongs to the Jamaican and Salvadoran ethnic groups. Also, the popular 22-year-old terrorist became popular by posting her 6.5-inch tongue on her Instagram. She said that she raised around $ 100,000 by showing her rant photos on her Instagram.

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It’s another day in heaven, looking into your eyes, I’m hypnotized, I really love you, I hope you recognize it, I don’t want to be adored, I just want to be number one in your eyes, watching As time goes by, I’m sorry , I can’t lie about things that don’t always go well, you are the love of my life. I don’t want the ring to be an accessory, I want it to symbolize our bond, I don’t want to advertise it because this kind of love cannot be bought. -Michela

Michaela showed her language to millions of her fans and won thousands of dollars. As of 2020, her estimated net worth of hers is $ 300,000. She earned US $ 50,000 in 2017, US $ 100,000 in 2018, and more than US $ 110,000 in 2019.

She is famous for her long pointed triangular tongue. He was born and raised in Palm Beach, United States. Currently located in Palm Beach, Florida. You have US citizenship and are of Jamaican and Salvadoran descent.

-Mikayla instagram said: “Spread love and positivity-
Modest but not weak. His Snapchat and Twitter usernames are therealkkvsh, monkeycandy. She created her YouTube channel “KKVSH” on September 1, 2017.

-On April 4, 2019, she shared a video of his tongue piercing on YouTube. She discovered his long tongue in sixth grade. She may be single, because she has never disclosed any relationship with anyone.

-He shared many Instagram photos licking various penis foods, from cucumbers to bananas to popsicles. He has his own online store called kkvshstore. Mikayla likes to read comics. She is very close to her mother and added on Metro.co.uk “My biggest inspiration comes from my mother.”

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