Zihogo Mgiliji Nhleko dead, Commander of AmaZulu warriors – Whats happened?

The family of a former Zulu military commander is said to be in critical condition in hospital because he returned from a stroke after not taking the pills he gave them. They believed in God.

Mr. Zihogo “Mgilitsha” Nhleko was diagnosed with osteoporosis, which caused the scapula to lose cartilage and the bones to rub against each other.

Mr. Seth Nhleko, Mgilitsha’s brother, said that, as part of his treatment, he took tuberculosis pills for 6 months.

“When my brother came home, he complained that the pills bothered him. He stopped taking them and still had nausea and vomiting. When he returned to the hospital, he was in critical condition and suffocated.

“She came to the hospital and was helped by a ventilator,” he said. He said that he is currently under medical supervision and that they will continue to detain him to make sure he takes the medication correctly.

Despite playing an important role during the reign of the now-deceased Amazulu King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu, Zihogo Maguzumbela Nhleko, better known as Mgiliji, managed to keep a low profile. Mgiliji is a staunch traditionalist who does not take prisoners and is the long-term commander of Amabutho kaZulu (AmaZulu Regiment). As a trusted servant and warrior, he served the late king for more than two decades.

When he led Amabuto’s hordes to collect the remains of the late King Amazulu, he gained unexpected popularity and admiration from the public. Tuli Hospital died. In order to keep up with the traditions and cultural beliefs of the Amazulu tribe, Amaputo had to travel about 300 from the palace of King Kwahtom Dandayo in Kwanongma, northern KwaZulu Natal province to Durban. kilometer.

According to traditional norms and values, Amaputo must be the first person to see and receive the king’s remains before he can be transported to his home. Now, the well-respected Mgiliji faces an uncertain future because his role as Amabutho’s leader has been expelled, and this role has occupied most of his adult life.

Among the many charges against him, he took Amaputo to KwaDakwadunuse, the ancestral home of former President Jacob Zuma. Amaputo of about 500 people gathered in Encandela, promising to support Zuma, who is about to be arrested. They said they were ready to launch a reign of terror against anyone who wanted to arrest Zuma.

When the Amazulu royal family summoned Mgliji to give the order, their stance backfired, saying that their crusade was not approved by King Amazulu. Regarding the expulsion, Mgliji was unambiguous and told “Sunday World” that supporting Zuma is a just cause. “Zuma is one of us and I do not regret supporting his decision. He is part of Amabutho, and the attack on Zuma is an attack on AmaZulu as a country.

He added that as far as the current situation is concerned, Amazulu does not have a recognized king, so no one is authorized to sanction Amabuto. “We never said that we represent the wishes of the royal family or the king. We went there ourselves to defend Zuma’s identity as a Zulu. We feel that it is our responsibility to defend our own people.” Professor Jabrani Mapalala, a retired scholar and expert on history of Isizulu, said that Amaputo is an important symbol of the Amazulu Kingdom and the core of the Amazulu Throne.

“They should not be seen as choosing a political position. Their role is to lead certain ceremonies organized by the king to loyalty to the reigning king. They should only protect and defend the throne.” The traditional prime minister of the Amazulu tribe, Prince Mangosutu Butlezi, accused Mgeligi of being a loose cannon and defied the royal family by questioning the legitimacy of the king-elect Prince Misuzulu.

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