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Erro em interview Gera speculações on possible Dragon Ball Super Anime comeback

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Embora or Dragon Ball Super anime has been completed for more than 3 years on hiatus, with the recent confirmation that the franchise will receive a new movie in 2022, many fans are raising their hopes that anime production could return as well. However, all this empolgação ended up generating a little misunderstanding, due to an interview published on the official Dragon Ball website with Florence Jay Dominguito, a Filipino animator who works at Toei Animation. Originally, in an interview published in English, when asked about his expectations and hopes for the future of the Dragon Ball franchise, Dominguito responds that he is looking forward to new movies and anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super. Quickly, many will prove that this was a possible confirmation of the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime, but as the Twitter user defined as @Cipher_db clarified, there was a real mistake at the time. of the translation for English, or thermo “se” has been excluded from the sentence. “Offsite official Dragon Ball interview with Filipino host Florence Jay Dominguito. Official translation into English, à esquerda. Japanese em, in direita. Japanese em, you say it is animated to see * se * will be a new anime that will continue Dragon Ball Super. “Ou seja, a more correct translation, it is clear that even as part of the second part, the host is simply expressing his empolgação for a possible return of the anime. You can also watch all the episodes that came out of the anime Dragon Ball Super via Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura. Also check out other Dragon Ball news: