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Evangelion – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Evangelion has been cultivated as one of the two greatest anime of all time, and here are the main characters in its story, as well as some very interesting curiosities about them. Evangelion – Find the main characters of the artwork Please refer to the character list below: Shinji Ikari Shinji Ikari is the main character of Evangelion and the designated pilot of Unit-01 Evangelion. Ele é filho do bioengenheiro Gehirn Yui Ikari and do Comandante da NERV (former chef Gehirn) Gendo Ikari. After his death he was abandoned by seu pai and viveu for 11 years with his sensei, I added that he was summoned to Tokyo-3 to pilot Unidade-01 against the Anjos. She barely lives under the name Misato Katsuragi; Later, they will join Asuka Langley Soryu. Misato Katsuragi Misato Katsuragi are two main characters in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is the director of operations of NERV, initially as a captain, she is then promoted to major. In Rebuild of Evangelion, the initial patent for Misato and the colonel-tenant. His duties at NERV include serving as the field commander for Eva pilots, issuing orders and relaying combat strategies, as well as processing information from Ritsuko Akagi and two technicians who monitor Evas. She also takes care of many bureaucratic aspects of NERV operations. No series debut, Misato first traced Shinji Ikari to NERV and managed to convince him to pilot Evangelion Unit-01. She then escorted that Shinji will live like the year instead of being sozinho, and later he will live with Asuka Langley Soryu. As the series progresses, through her ex-lover Ryoji Kaji, Misato uncovers the truth behind the Human Instrumentality Project and the depths of disappointment that NERV ea SEELE can do to keep the project in segredo, até same dela. Asuka Langley Sohryu Asuka Langley Sohryu is one of the main characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion and one of the main female characters. Asuka is named as the second child of Project Evangelion and pilot Evangelion Unit-02. Her mother, Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu, was a scientist from the German branch of Projeto Evangelion de Gehirn. When Asuka was four years old, Kyoko participated in a contact experiment with Unit-02, the same year’s experiment conducted by Yui Ikari with Unit-01. Rei Ayanami Rei Ayanami is one of the main characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion. She is Primeira Criança, the pilot of Evangelion Unit-00 and two central people. Not the start of the series, little is known about Rei and her aesthetic personality confuses her colleagues. As the series progresses, her personality evolves and she becomes more involved as a person or master, especially her classmate and pilot Eva Shinji Ikari. We finalize historical events, where the audience finds out that Rei’s mysterious origins are tied to historical resolution. Its role in this conclusion has not been clarified in the TV series, but these are also two main plot points of The End of Evangelion. Mari Makinami Illustrious Mari Makinami is an Evangelion pilot and third-party operator introduced in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. Of all the pilots, he is the only one to admit that he really enjoys driving. His repeated comments suggest that LCL’s gosta do cheiro. She was uninhibited, identifying Shinji as a pilot during her first meeting, retracing the four and the LCL cheiro. It is implied that Mari is working for an unknown third party. Gendo Ikari Gendo Ikari is the pai of Shinji Ikari and the commander of NERV. They play an important role in the research and construction of two Evangelions and the Human Instrumentality Project. Gendo left his son, Shinji, when he was a baby in a long series of years he was selfless, distant and tough like Shinji. Don’t film, The End of Evangelion, Gendo e Rei estão no Central Dogma na in front of Lilith. He asks Rei to come down or AT Field so he can see Yui, his late wife again. Rei is supposedly feita of parts of Yui and when her AT field is down, she and Gendo will dissolve in the “soup of life” (or “primordial gosma”) joining Gendo to Yui’s pieces. She denies it by saying: “Eu não serei seu puppet” and a short part of the mão dele em seu corpo. Despite the desire to see his wife again, in cases like Naoko Akagi, the developer of two magicians, and her filha Ritsuko Akagi, chief scientist of NERV. There is no love in the relationship and Gendo only faces up to gain your favor or to keep us apart. Ryoji Kaji Kaji Ryoji was hired by NERV as a special inspector. Kaji appears to be a triple agent, working as a special inspector for the NERV, while secretly investigating the organization of the Japanese Interior Ministry, and at the same time, he apparently acted like a pattinha cat for and against Gendo Ikari and SEELE. Additionally, it seems to continue to motivate people as well as loyalty to any organization and frequently fails their desire to “find the truth”. Kaworu Nagisa Kaworu Nagisa is the fifth child in the seventeenth grade. Sent to NERV by SEELE as a replacement driver for Unit 02 files Asuka’s sync fee fell below usability, invades Terminal Dogma to return to Adam, more than find out that or be true of Lilith, leave Shinji or destroy. Ele and Rei appear in The End of Evangelion during Third Impact, communicating with Shinji regarding the future of humanity and escorting in oil or rejeitate to Instrumentalidade. Yui Ikari Yui Ikari, in addition to the wife of Shinji Ikari and Gendo Ikari, was a brilliant bio-engenheira who worked for Projeto E em Gehirn. Além disso, she is the lineage of an eminent member of SEELE. She passed away in 2004 as a result of her contact experience with Unit-01, but her spirit lives in Eva as an eternal prova for the existence of humanity. Also check out other news from Evangelion: