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Exterminated! Riot Games ‘Drops’ League Of Legends Fan Project

  • by Alba luz Leal

UNITED STATES – Riot Games is known to be extremely strict about violating its internal policies. For this reason, the “Chronoshift” project, which aims to access the ten-year version of League Of Legends, has been uploaded by the developer. In this way, the idea was to use a server so that the community could “go back in time” and relive old times. It was in March 2020 that the arrival of “Chronoshift” was announced and, barely a week after its creation, its activity ceased. Because of this, Riot Games didn’t think twice and posted a letter requesting server shutdown. On top of that, he demanded that all kind of work on this project be stopped. Even the developer said she was “disappointed” with what had happened. “Riot may not permit the use or operation of unauthorized emulated services in any way, by anyone, regardless of intent or purpose. […] In addition, we ask that you provide Riot with all software hardware associated with Chronoshift, including any source code they have developed in connection with the project, ”reveals the text from the creators of League Of Legends. With this release the MSI will be played, so there are slight changes to balance the current meta. Plus, the skins of the world champions are here! Come on, let @kalipsogamingla tell us all about it in this new update. ? https: //— League of Legends (@lollatam) April 28, 2021 In this sense, it has been explained that this is a standard trial for use unauthorized intellectual property. And in the high command, they assured to be “incredibly disappointed with the way in which Riot chose to handle this situation”. But the controversy flared when the Chronoshift organization reported an alleged extortion attempt to the developer, which it has already denied. “Chronoshift has not interacted with the current game, nor with user accounts in any way […] that wasn’t going to be a patch at the start of temporada two, and it wasn’t designed to compete with the current version, ”they voiced from the project. “We have very simple and easy to read product development policies around Riot Games. Please read Legal Jibber Jabber and the policies on, ”said Gene Chorba, Development Manager for League Of Legends.