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Family activities to have fun without leaving home

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Family activities to have fun without leaving home. In this Covid-19 pandemic, a lot has changed; the little people who irritated him the most are the children; That is why, as parents, we need to look for strategies so that they have fun and without having to leave the house. It is important to change the routine, to spend time with family and to have fun, it is not essential to go to crowded places or to spend a few days in one of the tourist sites that the country offers . And it is that despite the fact that the restrictions due to Covid-19 have decreased, the health protocols and the measures to avoid contagions are maintained, so that the health authorities have recommended not to leave the house during this period of vacation. So, staying at home during the rest days should not be synonymous with boredom and we can set up different activities that guarantee good times in the company of our loved ones. All we need is a little creativity. Here are some recommendations: Organize parties with different themes A party can always be fun and attracts a lot of attention from the little ones, especially when we change the everyday for something more exciting. Get organized with your family, and if you don’t live in the same house, have a virtual reunion where each member has to consider clothing, decor, music, and even food focused on different themes, such as horror movies, television programs, etc. Here there are no rules or limits to have a good time. Family activities to have fun without leaving home Chefs for a day We know that it is difficult to work in a team, and even more so in the kitchen, especially at home, one day they could give themselves the opportunity to recreate their favorite dish and a dessert they love. The tutorials on YouTube will be your best allies to obtain delicious results. An Afternoon of Games Games are a vacation classic that you can’t stop making and can also run in remote mode. Each member of the family should find a fun game that everyone can play or, if they live in the same house, they can resort to the foolproof board games. A Reading Night Encouraging reading is important, so sharing moments of silence is also important in maintaining harmony at home, evenings can be a great time for you to organize a family book club and, at the end of the set reading time, discuss what you learned or the stories that impressed you the most. Family activities to have fun without leaving home Picnic In spring is the best time to do this activity, whether in a nearby park or even at home, you can spend an afternoon with fast food, dessert and the arrangement to have a good time while talking about what has happened in recent days. Making Crafts Another of the dreaded activities is making crafts and although they focus on motor development in young children, they also work to de-stress the minds of adults and keep us occupied for a while. .} You may be interested in: May Love Predictions Based on Your Zodiac Sign Movie Night We all have different tastes, so accepting to watch a movie is difficult; but they can take turns choosing their favorite movies and sharing them with their family. Plus, they can buy popcorn or kid’s favorite snacks to end the day in the best way. Family activities to have fun without leaving home