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Fãs wants Cooler to be the protagonist of new Dragon Ball Super movie

  • by Alba luz Leal

Embora few details were revealed at this time, Toei Animation confirmed late last week that a new Dragon Ball Super movie is in production, with a date slated for 2022. Counting as direct involvement. ‘Akira Toriyama, This new movie promises to bring out an unexpected character, and until more news is released, many big social networks want Cooler, or Freeza’s biggest name, to be that character. Check out some comments below: “Ha, Broly showed us more Saiyajin knowledge and history. Faria sense for them now to show Freeza’s lore da raça for the next film. It is mainly part of a trilogy. Refeito Cooler encaixaria perfectly this story “” Minhas more hope for the new movie Dragon Ball Super: – Broly by volta slot – Reboot by Cooler – Reboot by Janemba – Reboot by Tabion – Story as Universe 6 – Something completely original than you have a balance between action and story like a Broly movie “Faça Cooler canon.” I don’t know what the purpose of power would be in the current story, but they will be able to sniff Freeza for the snow from the force of Super Saiyajin Blue, and they will be able to polish it as well. “” Minhas only assumptions on or overpressure the character who will return for the movie Dragon Ball são 2022: 1. Cooler 2. Bardock3. Cell4. Raditz and Nappa Honestly, I hope Cooler seja made some of them. “” On or Dragon Ball movie do novo topic: Embora had definitely wanted to see the Moorish Arc animated, I’m afraid it’s probably very condensed into a movie format. Personally, I prefer an original story. Eu gost is Toriyama’s idea of ​​giving Cooler a chance. By requesting that you can attend all released episodes of the Dragon Ball Super anime through Crunchyroll. By accessing the site through this link, you earn 14 days of free nova assinatura bonus. Also check out other Dragon Ball news: