Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts to have their own anime, rumored to be

The same rumor indicates that while one would be in collaboration with Netflix, the other would be backed by Disney + Square Enix has some of the most acclaimed IP addresses in the video game industry, including the names of Final Fantasy and Kingdom. Hearts clearly stand out. . With new installments constantly in development for both brands, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, it makes sense to imagine that the company would want to find ways to continue to expand its influence. Now a rumor suggests the next step would be the anime industry. The truth is that in the past, especially from the hand of Final Fantasy, we have seen how Square Enix bet on content in the form of movies – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children – or even already anime – like with Brotherhood in Final Fantasy XV-. On this occasion, we have to anticipate that the source of the information is from 4chan, so we recommend that you take all of this with the margin of error that this implies. Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Return to Charge in Anime Format Square Enix Might Think Anime for Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts We will point out, therefore, that the source guarantees that Square Enix will embark on two anime projects, one for Final Fantasy VII Remake and another for Kingdom Hearts, both edited by Tetsuya Nomura. Below we break down the peculiarities that would accompany each project: Final Fantasy VII Remake anime: This project in collaboration with Netflix will seek to tell new stories that are introduced in the plot and the main events of the game. It will have two sections, a first with pre-game events and a second that will run concurrently with what we see in the title, leaving a « something » to look forward to for the future of the franchise. daylight through Disney +; It will be shorter than the Final Fantasy VII Remake anime but more complex. It will be produced entirely with CG and will be tasked with combining multiple events from various games such as Kingdom Hearts Union X, Birth by Sleep, and even Kingdom Hearts 3. Again, none of this has been officially confirmed, and there is has enough digits for the leak. be wrong. However, the reality is that it is not at all unreasonable to think that Square Enix could choose to create anime from the aforementioned video games. Ultimately, the two media have been shaking hands for years, and with the ambitious future ahead for the Japanese company in terms of projects, it would be an interesting alternative to say the least.

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