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Finally, it has arrived! Lucifer, temporada 5b to Netflix: schedules in Latin America

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES.- After a long wait, “Lucifer” fans can now enjoy temporada 5b. The popular and hit Netflix series will hit screens starting May 28 at various times in Latin America. And of course, through the Intra News we will tell you all about it, because it will undoubtedly generate some real madness. “(This is) our most emotional part after all the darkness of 5A. The light is mixed, but I feel like the 5A started out a little darker. 5B will be lighter, but also darker. It’s always darker before dawn, ”showrunner Joe Henderson revealed to Entertainment Tonight. Recall that in September the filming of the series resumed. This sequel to temporada 5 will feature eight episodes, which were on hold. Let us also remember that Chloe Decker finds out that she was created by God for Lucifer. This causes the detective to question absolutely everything and, above all, that she has no real control over her life. In the final scene of the first part of the fifth installment, we can see Michael, Amenadiel and Lucifer in a meeting with their father. “A lot of the story to come is a love story, but a love story is … very often a story of challenges and what I love about challenges is that they give feel like romance is more deserved, ”Henderson revealed. At Comic-Con in October 2020 in Baltimore. In addition, the return of Eva is expected. Amenadiel will seek to understand why his son with Linda was born mortal, Maze dealing with his own issues and Lucifer being Lucifer. “Something shocking is going to happen towards the end of the fifth temporada that is going to break everyone’s hearts. […] I will say we have a temporada 6. So even if your heart is completely crushed at the end of this fifth, you have to keep the faith, ”actor DB Woodside said. The schedules for Latin America are as follows: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 2:00 a.m. Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 3:00 a.m. Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 4:00 a.m. Lucifer is back in 12 hours! Until then, my gift to you is the opening scene from tomorrow’s premiere! – Netflix (@netflix) May 27, 2021