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First images and first summary of manga 72

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball Super” became one of the topics this May when it was announced that, finally, we would have the return of the anime, for now ‘only’ thanks to the announcement of a new film which will be released in 2022. For On the other hand, we must not forget that the reality is that the manga has not stopped for a single moment in recent years, which brings us today to the long awaited chapter 72 of this saga designed by Toyotaro. In this way, it is with the publication of the official drafts of the chapter that we were able to have a first glimpse of what awaits us in a few days. Without further ado, we then leave these first images to you – which are in addition to the one we saw on our own a few days ago – as well as a series of lines through which to contextualize what happens in the action (via DBS Chronicles): First images of the Dragon Ball Super 72 manga Initial summary of the Dragon Ball Super 72 manga “Chapter 72: Saiyans and Cerelians 18 days pass and Goku and Vegeta finally arrive on the grain planet. Maki tells them that this is where saw Granolah, but Goku and Vegeta can’t detect his ki, apparently he’s hiding it. Maki tells them that they can’t go any further. After that, Goku and Vegeta start heading to where can be. -Be Granolah. Oil, for its part, will fetch the Dragon Balls of the Cerelians. Maki begins to make a series of preparations before the imminent arrival of Elec and Gas. The plane passes to Elec and Gas, who are heading to the grain planet. This is the first time i They have been walking on said t erritorio for the past 40 years. Gas assures him that he has “no good memories” of his time on this planet, but Elec tells Gas that he is different now, so things don’t turn out like the last time. Back in Goku, he observes a series of ruins and wonders if it was Granolah who did all the damage, but Vegeta tells him that they look quite old. Suddenly, while the two are moving, they are attacked by a series of Ki explosions, which Goku assures us that he has trouble avoiding them. Faced with this dangerous situation, Vegeta reacts by transforming quickly, and urges Goku to find the attacker. ”