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five essentials of the week

  • by Alba luz Leal
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At this point some of us will remember that letter from Sabina that said “who stole the month of April”, and the truth is, yes, we have already completed it. Today we say goodbye to another month of this 2021 and we couldn’t do it better than feeling great inside and out with a new review of our essentials for the week, which are the next five. A treatment Like every Friday, we start by making a recommendation for a treatment. Today we’re going to focus on the lips, those that have been covered in masks for over a year and are irritated from lack of hydration. For this reason, today we are going to see the aesthetic doctor Julián Bayón who comments that “the lips lose their hydration and their juiciness with the continued use of a mask. This process can be accelerated if we add certain environmental factors, such as not hydrating them adequately, not using daily sunscreen and smoking or drinking excess alcohol ”. For this reason, Dr offers a solution: “We need a hyaluronic acid that only restores juiciness and hydration, without adding bulk or changing shape. This is done by weakly crosslinked or mild crosslinked hyaluronic acid in the dynamic load range of Teoxane. It is pierced in three or four points on the upper lip and two or three on the lower lip. The idea is to distribute it well, without feeling of change in shape or size. “It offers us two sessions from 400 euros, using Teoxane which offers a new family of five hyaluronic acids, under the LipUnique Collection range, which treat and improve the lips according to the needs of each patient. We can find it at c / Fernández de los Ríos 88 in Madrid, phone 910 00 51 34. A last minute gift for Mother’s Day If you still don’t have a gift for mothers and they love makeup, don’t waste any view the set made by MAC Cosmetics for the celebration. It is a beauty kit that includes some of the most iconic products of the brand and a beautiful pink toiletry bag. It is available on the MAC website and in certain outlets. El Corte Inglés sale until May 2 at the price of 45 euros and includes, in addition to the toiletry bag: the Powderkiss lipstick in a sensual tone, the Extreme dimension Skinfinish highlighter – metallic metallic, the brush 168S and a sample In Extreme Dimension 3D Black An aroma with a very special campaign Today, April 30, Poppy Day is celebrated and, how could it be otherwise, we have to celebrate it with one of the most special iconic aromas such as Kenzo. This year we are doing it with the Flower by Kenzo Eau de Toilette, their latest release which made us fall in love (even more than the original) because it is fresh, ideal for this time of year, sparkling and which transmits good feelings. Flower By Kenzo Eau De Toilette 30 ml Kenzo The fact is that on the occasion of the celebration of this Poppy Day, Kenzo wants to make us smile, a small simple gesture that makes us happy and also makes happy our loved ones. Well, they now offer to share smiles and for every photo with a smile posted on social media with the hashtags # DiadelaAmapola2021 and #SonriePorUnMundoMasBello, Kenzo Parfums (@KenzoParfums) will donate € 5 to the Red Cross Spain to allocate it to its Red Cross Responde Project, to help people in vulnerable situations due to COVID-19 in Spain. A great initiative with which to smile widely. A hairstyle application Changing your look, cutting your hair or dyeing it is not always easy because we often do not know if it will suit us or if it will be a style that represents us. Well, for reasons like this, tools like the one we are bringing to you now have been created. This is Try On, a mobile application from the brands Jean Louis David and Franck Provost with which, in addition to finding the nearest salon, making an appointment online, and benefiting from exclusive discounts for visits to the salon. , taking inspiration from the collections of each brand and Knowing the latest products also allows us to try out different styles and colors and thus know what they would really look like on your own face. Come on, that makes our life a lot easier, things as they are. A product And, finally, comes the recommendation of the week, a product that convinces us and that is worth the detour. Segle Clinical Vital C Serum is formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients that make it effective. Thus, it has stabilized 5% of vitamin C which makes the formula much more irritating and can be more aggressive on sensitive skin; It also contains extract of microalgae chlorophytes, which is a patented anti-stress active ingredient which reduces the activity of cortisol in the cells of the epidermis and helps to maintain the good state of the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin; Hyaluronic acid with a moisturizing effect that softens the upper layers of the epidermis; as well as panthenol with a moisturizing and protective effect. A super signature that fights tired appearance, brightens and evens skin tone and a great option to add vitamin C to our facial routine. Segle Clinical Vital C Serum 30 ml. With vitamin C, an antioxidant and anti-stress effect * Note: some of the links posted here are from affiliates. Despite this, none of the articles cited were offered by either the brands or the stores, with their introduction being a sole decision of the editorial team. Photo | @collagevintage