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Formula 1 announced decisive action for this weekend

  • by Alba luz Leal

In the final hours, several Formula 1 drivers announced decisive action for the rest of the weekend. Top-class athletes will join the Boycott generated by the Premier League for this weekend, due to the constant acts of racism and cyberbullying they have suffered in recent days. Lewis Hamilton was the first to join the campaign launched by the English Football League. “While a boycott may not solve this problem overnight, we must demand changes if necessary, even if it seems like an almost impossible task. Sport has the power to bring us together. Let’s not accept abuse within the framework of sport, but let’s be the ones who will make a difference for future generations ”Lando Norris On the other hand, Lando Norris has also continued this line and joined the measure. “I support the social media boycott this weekend. Everyone is fighting abuse here at some point and social media companies need to do more to address it. It is not acceptable to hide behind a keyboard. Enough is enough, ”he wrote. Charles Leclerc The Ferrari driver was not far behind and used his Twitter account to join the blackout. “This weekend, I will join the boycott of social media to support others against the abuse, racism and hate people face online. It’s time to change. Stop online abuse, ”said Charles Leclerc. Formula 1 For its part, the category has taken a different path from its drivers, although they support the measure. “Formula 1 is fully committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination, online or not. We support the actions of the Premier League and other sports organizations and athletes by stressing that more must be done to eradicate the online abuse of which they are directly victims. We continue to work with all platforms and with our own audience to promote respect and positive values ​​and stop racism.