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Frida Sofía left Alejandra Guzmán’s will, her father assured

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Frida Sofía’s father, businessman Pablo Moctezuma, assured her daughter’s mother, singer Alejandra Guzmán, had removed the model from the will, which was theorized to unleash the accusations against her grandfather. Frida Sofía has publicly denounced Enrique Guzmán for allegedly sexually assaulting her as a child. This was denied by his mother and caused the two to separate. Now, Pablo Moctezuma has assured that his ex-partner has decided to remove his daughter from the will. “I find out that Alejandra took her out of the inheritance … it’s worth three peanuts for Frida, that’s not the problem here, they’re not apartments, they’re not cars … J ‘Would really love (Alejandra) to take a step back and he’ll listen more to what his daughter has to say, “he commented for the Ventaneando show. Image: Instagram @laguzmanmx On the other hand, he assured that’ he couldn’t talk about the complaint his daughter was going to make, which he didn’t and caused speculation from many people. “Obviously I can’t comment on this because there is a whole process going on. course that is necessary to bring all this to the last consequences, and I cannot make these comments “He would like Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán to settle their differences. despite the estrangement of Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán, for the man of business, it would be ideal for the two celebrities to have a relationship again like at some point. “Laughs I wouldn’t make me happy anymore, really, because I know the two love each other. God willing, go through it quickly, I don’t like being here in my midst, I don’t like nobody to suffer ”