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Frida Sofía separates from Pinal-Guzmán and changes her surname

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The lawsuit between Frida Sofía and the Pinal-Guzmán family continues to the brim, in recent days the influencer has threatened to change her last name and apparently this act was serious, since she let it be seen on Instagram. Frida Sofía separates from Pinal-Guzmán and changes her last name In this way, Frida Sofiá decided to change her last name as soon as possible, as she revealed on her Instagram account, after adding a new one and it will be the father who will cease to exist. From now on, Frida Sofía will be called Moctezuma, so she chose her to separate herself from all ties with her family. Recall that in recent days, Frida Sofía declared that her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán had sexually assaulted her since she was 5 years old. Her mother, Alejandra Guzmán and Enrique were determined to deny the accusation made by Frida Sofía and even asked her to approach them to settle this accusation on good terms. Her father’s family will support Frida Sofía For her part, her father’s family, Pablo Moctezuma has dedicated himself to defending the accusation that Frida Sofía has brought against her grandfather and will support her daughter in whatever is necessary. It should be noted that Frida occasionally confessed that Pablo Moctezuma, her father, and Enrique Guzmán had never had a good relationship, which is why it was ultimately decided that she would have the surnames Pinal- Guzmán. Frida Sofía decided to open another account on Instagram Likewise, Frida Sofía has not yet started with the paperwork to change her name, but in her most popular profile she has already done so, which has caught the attention of his fans. In addition, Frida Sofía has opened a backup account under the username of @frida__sofia, this, in case they cancel the previous one and her fans hear from her. By the way, in the alternate account you can see the #nomevanacallar and #laverdadsiempretriunfa, so if you want to follow this new Frida Sofía account, you can click here.