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Frida Sofía to Enrique Guzmán: “You know what you did”

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The trial between Frida Sofía and Enrique Guzmán is still hot. The model launched a new message accusing her grandfather; this after the singer has ratified his complaint against him. And it is that Frida remains firm in her accusation that at the age of 5, she was mistreated by the rock singer. Through her Instagram account, the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán (with whom she is very distant because of the problem), posted a photo of Enrique Guzmán and wrote: “You know what you have been doing and have been doing for a long time , not just me., But you are already carrying this on your conscience and from there your depraved mind and your lies will be your own prison. ”And he assured that he was not afraid and that he would pursue the complaint. “You do not scare me and you will not silence me! Regularly”. A few days ago, Frida Sofía decided to change her name and stop using the Guzmán surname, which is why it now appears under the name “Frida Sofía Moctezuma”. For the moment, the model has not yet filed an official complaint with the authorities, because her lawyers are working there. However, Frida did not tire of pointing out Enrique Guzmán, hoping that justice will be done. Enrique Guzmán accused Frida Sofía In a statement, the lawyers of the law firm López Valdez announced the start of the trial of Enrique Guzmán against Frida Sofía.> The complaint was lodged against Frida “N” and who or who are responsible for her probable participation in events having the appearance of a crime to the detriment of Mr. Enrique Guzmán. , where appropriate, the evidence so that, at the appropriate procedural stage, the social representation supports the exercise of the penal action, the accusation against the accused and the full reparation of the damage suffered by the victim ”.