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Golden Kamuy’s manga officially enters its peak

  • by Alba luz Leal
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In the manga and anime industry, there are several ways to measure the success of a work, but one of the simplest and most straightforward is to see how long it has been active and what material it has been doing. ‘she has distributed so far. In the case of “Golden Kamuy”, it can be clearly seen that the work has had great success, as evidenced by three seasons of anime and 25 volumes of manga. However, the end of the story may be closer than ever. Golden Kamuy’s story could be nearing its end Golden Kamuy, with 25 volumes of manga already behind it. This is how the ANN colleagues were the ones who, following a statement from Young Jump magazine, announced that “Golden Kamuy” has officially entered the “climax” of the story. This, logically, implies that we go into what will be the final events of the story, although at this point it is not known whether the conclusion will come during this same 2021 or if Satoru Noda, its author, has a conclusion to long term expected. . On the other hand, we will remember that it has been almost six months since the broadcast of the third temporada of “Golden Kamuy” ended, which happened at the end of December. Given that these three seasons aired over a period of 2018-2020, it might not take too long for the announcement of the fourth TV temporada to occur. Ultimately, while we wait for more “Golden Kamuy” anime content to be announced, we’ll remember that all of the productions that debuted in the spring are still outdoors. In the shared article, you will find our main recommendations. Synopsis of Golden Kamuy “Year 37 of the Meiji era. After surviving the Russo-Japanese war, Sugimoto, nicknamed” the Immortal “, joins the gold rush to help the widow of a fallen friend. during the conflict In his search, someone reveals to him that there is a hidden treasure and that the various keys to find it are tattooed on the back by dangerous escaped convicts. On the way, he will meet Asirpa, who not only him save life, but also save him. Help you survive in the harsh, wild tundra. The treasure hunt has begun! ”