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Grupo Hunan relies on delivery and exclusively joins Uber Eats | # Interest – News on anime, manga and video games

  • by Alba luz Leal

How about the whole MultiAnime group! Friends of Uber Eats tell us that the Hunan group joins this food platform exclusively, for its more than 20 food establishments. Full details below: Uber Eats is expanding its culinary offering now that Grupo Hunan exclusively joins the food delivery platform. The restaurants in this group, which will appear in the “Specialties” category, will offer a journey through international gastronomy with more than 20 establishments in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Cabo San Lucas, which cover European, Asian and Mexican cuisine. Nueve Nueve, Negroni, Guadiana, Hunan, Nobu, Sylvestre and Prosecco are some of the restaurants that are part of this group, which has been operating in Mexico for over two decades. To celebrate the arrival of Grupo Hunan at Uber Eats this weekend, 100 randomly selected users who, through the app, order in one of the restaurants, will receive a surprise with their order. “Times have changed and this has created new opportunities for our industry. At Uber Eats, we find a very strategic business partner who will help us tap into this new sales channel for Grupo Hunan. We are delighted to know that our customers will be able to enjoy our gastronomic proposals, in the comfort of their own home, ”said Pepe Cuaik Rivera Torres, CEO of Grupo Hunan. Uber Eats has more than 35,000 associated restaurants and more than two million dishes to offer, in more than 70 cities where it operates in Mexico. About Uber Eats Uber Eats allows users to search and explore local restaurants, order the food they want for home delivery at the touch of a button, and receive them reliably and quickly. Since launching the app five years ago, Uber Eats has leveraged Uber’s technological expertise and the way it supports logistics to serve more than 6,000 cities around the world, while also respecting the delivery times by the delivery partners to the users of the application in an average time. less than 30 * minutes. To date, we believe Uber Eats has grown into the world’s largest food delivery hub outside of China, with over 600,000 partner restaurants around the world. In Mexico, we have been operating in more than 70 cities in the Republic since 2016. * These times are average in cities where it is possible to use Uber Eats. The time may be longer. For more anime, manga, video game, and geek stuff news, be sure to visit: Source: Press Release