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Hear the fun tribute they paid to Morrissey

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Simpsons are the only family to have had luxury guests in their 10+ seasons, from U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Bill Clinton, Marie Curie, Venus and Serena Williams, and now they’ve decided to include another English personality. A “fake Morrissey” on the Simpsons? It is nothing more than Morrissey, the vegetarian and radical Englishman who is against the monarchical system, but there was a detail, since he did not want to lend his voice for the Simpsons series, which is why they have had to improvise. It is now the turn of the Manchester Divo, which appeared a few days ago with Lisa Simpson in one of the chapters and which was called “Panic on the Streets of Springfield”, which is a tribute to “Panic” of the Smiths ” Morrissey disliked his intervention in The Simpsons Despite the best efforts of writers and animators, Morrissey did not like his participation in The Simpsons program and even posted a post on social media where he disapproves of his intervention and is considering even to continue the production. Moreover, Morrissey did not want to lend his voice for the series, but the result was pleasant and they even composed a song for his intervention. But since they also could not use the name of Morrissey, they decided to call him Quilloughby, a singer of a British indie band called The Snuffs who tells their story. The voice of this “Morrissey Fake” is performed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch and in the episode he become the friend Lisa’s imagination, because they have a lot of things in common like being a vegetarian. In this chapter there is a clear reference to the songs of The Smiths, so they decided to create a theme very close to the style of the group and the result is surprising. The Simpsons: Hear their fun tribute to Morrissey In this way Benedict Cumberbatch surprised us with his singing skills, as he sang with Yeardley Smith (who plays Lisa in the US) and they have created a beautiful play titled “Everyone’s Horrible Except Me (And Maybe You)”. This song was written by Bret McKenzie of the Flight of the Conchords duo and of course Morrissey sounds completely like the song. Even in the title, the attempt was good, as it is a name that “Moz” would surely have placed in some of his songs. Without further ado, listen to Benedict Cumberbatch sing “Everybody’s Horrible Except Me (And Maybe You)”, The Simpsons’ tribute to Morrissey: