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Huawei significantly slashed sales in China in first quarter Peru News

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The famous Huawei company, famous for its mobile devices, no longer has the market leadership in China. Things don’t seem to be going very well for the tech giant, as a 16.5% drop in revenue has been seen. The company was mainly affected by the drop in sales of its Honor smartphones in November 2020. After several years of challenges and tensions with former President Donald Trump, Huawei has ceased to be the best-selling brand in its country. original. Now he has fallen to third place, under Vivo and Oppo. For its part, the American brand Apple ranked fifth, according to Canalys. The descent is clearly important and above all continuous. Despite this, the Asian country remained the largest importer of cellphones in the world. In the first quarter of 2021, it shipped 92.4 million smartphones. China: leading importer of smartphones The battle to dominate the smartphone market in China is fierce. Vivo moved up to number one with a 23% share, followed by Oppo with 22%. Huawei, in turn, fell to 16%. On the other hand and not the least, Xiaomi stealthily climbed to 15%, but Apple fell to fifth place with 13%. Most alarming for the Asian company, which has pledged to outperform the 5G network, is that, in the Canalys report, its share of the Chinese market fell from 44% to 16%, which was one of the losses. most important colossal ones. and devastating for a business in its home country. Huawei, latest news: