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“I passed out from work again”; it was the sacrificed life of Kentarou Miura, author of Berserk

  • by Alba luz Leal
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A series of author’s comments reflect the near-nonexistent pauses and quiet moments that “Berserk” endured for many years, a work as unique as few in entertainment history, lost its creator just a few days ago. : Kentarou Miura. After decades of shaping Guts’ story, Miura-sensei died of heart disease at the age of 54. We are talking about an acute aortic dissection, an extremely rare condition which, on the other hand, can be provoked in a more important way following stress. Today we have been able to come into contact with a series of notes during the life of Kentarou Miura in which the author reflects the sacrificial rhythm he carried. Then we’ll leave you the full list of comments, in which we can see how much the health and general physical wear and tear of the author of “Berserk” increased each time (via Reddit): Kentarou’s “Diary” Miura, fine author of Berserk Berserk, a work that demanded the full potential of its author Comments from 1993, four years after the publication of “Berserk” began: I had a 40 degree fever. On second thought, I’ve only had two days off all year. I lost ten pounds without doing anything at all. Why? I have slept less than four hours in the past two months. In July, I will be 27 years old. Looking back, I spent 27 years between drawings, is that what I want? Comments from 1994: Since I moved I have continued to sleep less than four hours. It’s the same every year, but working on Christmas and New Years. I want to eat Osechi someday. 1995 Commentary: I took a day off for the first time in a month and a half, and when I got out I got heatstroke. Comments from 1996: After watching a movie, I go with some friends to talk about it and stay until the last train passes. I bought clothes and shoes for the New Years party. I only have two pairs of sneakers. I’ll be 30 in July and, come to think of it, I haven’t stopped drawing. 1998 Commentary: I went to Okinawa for my first big vacation as a mangaka. I spent two and a half days in bed out of the four I had due to heat stroke. 2001 Commentary: In a month and a half, I only had time to go out for a few hours and have dinner at Jonathan’s. 2002 Commentary: If I don’t see people for a long time, my mouth will stop functioning well. Comment from 2004: My days off are half a day every two months. I haven’t had two days off in a row in the past 4 years. I’m getting tired. Comments from 2005: I passed out from work again. I missed Gwynn’s one hundred ledgers. My thirties are almost over. My life is a mess with nothing but manga. But I can’t go back now, so I’ll move on. Comments from 2006: This year I will not leave the house any more, in the end I will leave the house, I feel lonely. I’ve been too busy to go out last week and chocolate has become a staple for me. Thank you very much Comments from 2007: This is the first time in my life that I have two colds in the same month. I was drawing soldiers non-stop in my free time 2009 Commentary: Two-thirds of my body now belongs to CalorieMate (an energy bar). Does that mean two-thirds of Berserk is owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical? “This is the company in charge of manufacturing the bars.” Comment from 2011: I have not been able to see cherry blossoms once this year with my own eyes. With the rumor that “Berserk” could continue in the hands of Kentarou Miura’s assistants, and after reading these author’s yesteryear comments, it’s no surprise that many wished that if the story was picked up again, greetings from creatives are taken into account. Ultimately, it’s not uncommon to see how many writers are labeled ‘lazy’ when, perhaps, what’s going on are situations like the one we’ve seen develop with Miura-sensei. . If we are lucky, the life and death of Kentarou Miura will serve to uphold the work of the mangakas, both in their regular activity and in their absence.