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IGSS demands health to speed up vaccination process and fair delivery – Prensa Libre

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Guatemala will receive the first vaccines against Sputnik V next week. (Photo: PL Hemeroteca) The Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS) has registered 9,303 members aged 70; in addition, 78 thousand 756 retirees who must be taken into account in phase 2 of the national vaccination plan; However, the authorities of this institution assure that there is no equity in the distribution of the drug. Carlos Contreras, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IGSS, expressed concern about the lack of agreements with the health portfolio so that vaccines arriving in the country are distributed equitably between them and Health. In addition, he said that they cannot buy the drug because the drug companies only sell to governments, which makes it difficult for them to serve their members. “We made it clear, the Guatemalan Social Security Institute cannot buy vaccines and although the law tells us we can do it with a direct producer, none of them sell to the IGSS. . We have tried to coordinate with the Ministry of Health and we hope that in the coming weeks they will give the vaccines they have to workers in Guatemala, ”Contreras said. Also read: Phase 2: How the over 70s will be informed and how teachers and people with any disease are left He added: “The vaccines we ask for and need are not for us, they are for the workers of the country and to maintain the productive course of the plant. We have already presented our proposed agreement, which should be signed in the next few days ”. “Without vaccines, we cannot define anything” According to the IGSS, they have 22 vaccination posts across the country and these may be expanded. “We have had a few conversations with the corporate sector in order to integrate other areas, especially since we manage the company’s clinics; however, we cannot order or make determinations until we know which vaccines they are going to give us and how many vaccines, if we don’t have this information, it’s for nothing, ”Contreras stressed. Contreras’ claim comes at a time when covid-19 cases are on the rise in social security, recording one or two deaths per day, now that figure exceeds 15. Also read: Presidential provisions: ban drops to 21 hours and restaurants with at least 50% capacity According to Contreras, the increase in infections began to be felt from late November and early December. “A first impact with the end-of-year celebrations took place at the end of January, when we had 130 patients. In February, there were 200, but after the Easter holidays it reached 400 patients. Today we have 378, but deaths have also increased, ”Contreras said. “We have more or less 5% of deaths due to infections, this increase is obvious because we were less than 4%”, he added. It has been reported that the IGSS registers an average of 400 patients per day and around 1,500 tests, of which at least 200 are positive, for which two more modular hospitals will be opened, one in Roosevelt Fields with 224 beds and the another in Escuintla for 168 beds, which will operate from July. Position Minister Amelia Flores stressed that the Ministry of Health has an agreement with Social Security and that the first vaccines they received were part of a donation from the Indian government. Read also: Guatemala calls for a Russian fund for a few doses of the Sputnik V vaccine “We gave them, but I think it is important that you know that no beneficiary has been vaccinated in our vaccination centers. The vaccination centers are national and here we do not ask whether they are beneficiaries or not, they all enter and in the same way when they have more vaccines they will vaccinate without being a beneficiary ”, declared Flores. He added that although the IGSS president claims that no agreement has been signed, there is one between the two institutions. “They made adjustments because they are also interested in purchasing vaccines and that is precisely what they are tweaking these days,” Flores said.