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Infonavit announces loan at lowest interest rate

  • by Alba luz Leal
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El Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores (Infonavit) arrancará en mayo la creación de nuevos créditos para los derechohabientes, derivados de la aprobación en su Asamblea General Ordinaria No. 123 de las nuevas reglas de operación de la reforma a la Ley of the Institute. Carlos Martínez Velázquez, Managing Director of Infonavit informs that “in May we will present the new Infonavit loan which will offer a lower interest rate, payments that will not exceed a real third of people’s income and a series of insurance , restructuring and support for those who have difficulty paying ”. The new operating rules of the institute with the reform of the Infonavit law, will allow workers to buy land, build themselves and apply for more than one subsequent loan, in addition to serving nearly 50 million inactive workers who have a housing sub-account. Along with the creation of these new loans, Infonavit will seek to accelerate the implementation of the ConstruYO self-production loan program and the Unamos Credits program, with which nearly 50,000 workers have benefited from the pooling of their funding. Martínez Velázquez added that during the summer the institute will present new funding programs for Yucatán police officers and options for agricultural workers in states such as Jalisco and Michoacán, while in the fall 2021, they will launch the Infonavit + bank loan, with which it will serve more than a million inactive workers with a housing sub-account, who can use it as a line of financing for a new home. In this regard, Claudia Escobedo Yáñez, representing the workers’ sector, stressed that the reform will serve more than two-thirds of beneficiaries inactive before Infonavit, who can use their savings to buy housing. “Opening up to unions such as workers dedicated to the music, gastronomy and agrifood sector, with atypical or variable forms of contribution, will be able to obtain their credit through these programs,” he said. he adds. For his part, José Manuel López Campos, president of Concanaco-Servytur and representative of more than a million companies that contribute 5 percent of their contributions to the housing sub-account of more than 20 million workers, underlined that the reform is a great success for tripartism. However, he stressed that in order not to affect financial health, the sector has proposed a comprehensive action plan with payment plans to improve the institute’s portfolio, as there are currently around 1 million loans in arrears. that could constitute a risk for the institution. Infonavit. You may also like: