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Invincible – Final, o quão forte é Mark Grayson quadrinhos us?

  • by Alba luz Leal
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An invincible protagonist, Mark Grayson was first presented as a mighty hero who damaged the powers of Viltrumitas in his own country, but he still has plenty of time to reach his true potential. Also, in the first temporada of the Amazon series, he shows Mark giving his first steps as a real hero, us the photos of Robert Kirkman, his powers are even more developed. For this reason, if you want to know how powerful Mark really is, we have prepared a text by simulating a little more than two serious facts that will never happen to us. Better to see how we will fail events that are not yet shown in a SPOILERS series, fica or review! Generally speaking, according to the story of Invincible in the future, Mark is getting stronger and stronger as his superhuman abilities are equal and even outdated as seu pai does. In the Force Quest, for example, Mark was able to destroy the planet Viltrum with the help of two other Viltrumitas, while still being able to fight Thragg, who is considered the most powerful Viltrumita. This little boy also proves an incredible ability to resist his body, as Mark is only favored by equally powerful opponents. For comparison, it was able to survive in severe fermentation after the explosion of a nuclear bomb and various hydrogen bombs. Likewise, Mark has also boosted his ability to fly and speed, putting himself into orbit in just a few minutes, or this combined with his lung capacity, able to breathe for weeks, makes it difficult for him to make interstellar journeys. . However, as the opponents that Mark faces are also getting stronger each time, perhaps because of his most important ability, this has to do with the rapid regeneration and healing of his body, as he has managed to survive the same deposit of ferments which are more serious than that of fighting seu pai. Invincible is available on non-Amazon Prime Video. Also check: