Jamie Thomas is Dead?

“Iniquity abounds, grace abounds.” Where sin abounds, grace abounds. Christian radio celebrity Jamie Thomas is optimistic after his beloved Trinidad and Tobago’s violent crime has increased. “For those who read the Bible, there are “a lot of sins.” We hope that even everything we see will be greatly improved. Not only in Trinidad, but all over the world.” Thomas conducted a Wednesday session Tell “Sunday Compilation” in insightful and open communication.

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Jamie Thomas… when it comes to the Caribbean and the gospel music world, this one is for you! ! ! With more than 15 years of media experience in radio, television, promotion, production… and overall entertainment experience (well known), Jamie T or Jay T has become a pioneer in this market and has always been a pioneer in this field. Jay T is currently the radio and TV show of mtv Tempo’s new TV host Rise and Shine. His inspiring music video shows have been performed on more than 23 Caribbean islands and Heaven 97fm in the Cayman Islands. The expression and voice are on par with Caribbean gospel music. He owns groundbreaking urban gospel radios in Trinidad, Tobago and the Cayman Islands, producing gospel hit formats for radio stations. Heaven 97fm..I95fm Trinidad’s perfect 10..98.1fm.. Love 94fm..98.9fm, etc. His biography contains hosting events by international artists such as Kirk Franklin.. Fred Hammond. .Donnie Mike Crookin..Isreal and the new breed…Papa St..Sherwin Gardner..

Chevelle Frankyln.. Alvin Slaughter and others are working on incident management and production of boys. .Tye Tribbet.. Ce Ce Winans.. Yolanda Adams, etc., and held events in Trinidad and Tobago.. Cayman Islands.. Bahamas.

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