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Juanita Guerra calls for public safety with a gender perspective – La Prensa

  • by Alba luz Leal

The Public Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved the initiative with a draft decree by which various provisions are amended and added to the general law of the national public security system on the protection of women and the gender perspective, presented by MEPs Juanita Guerra Mena and María Wendy Briceño Zuloaga, from the MORENA Parliamentary Group. One of the assistant promoters, Juanita Guerra, explained that her proposal was based on the urgency to implement actions from a gender perspective, as women are currently more vulnerable on this issue. “The initiative is seen as a necessary step to fully tackle the problem of violence against women. Undoubtedly, we need public security organs with a gender perspective, protectors of integrity, dignity and human rights. Although the lack of security of citizens is an issue that affects the entire population, we can say that women experience violence, dispossession, trafficking and other security issues in a different way than men. – a difference resulting mainly from the social construction of gender roles and the traditional relegation of women to the private sphere, ”he stressed. The legislator underlined the importance of integrating more women in the security agencies, because it should be noted that men predominate in all sectors of the field. “Citizen security institutions are characterized by the low general presence of women, especially in positions of responsibility. In particular, security institutions are institutions with a deeply rooted masculinized culture, where there is resistance to the recognition of women as protagonists in the processes of taking charge of the social fabric and executing the legitimate use of it. strength, ”he stressed. In this sense, Guerra Mena explained that his initiative aims to ensure that public policies of citizen security with a gender perspective aim to consolidate the right of women to live in inclusive societies and communities. “We must recognize that public security is a subject in perpetual renewal, its institutional transformation is fundamental to consolidate and strengthen its work, so that one of the aspects where it must be established as an indissoluble condition, namely parity total. , as one of the principles which must prevail within the police force; real equality between women and men as a measure to promote the participation and integration of women in the security forces, because their presence in public security is essential to strengthen the work of the institution ”, he concluded. Follow us on Facebook: La Prensa Oficial and on Twitter: @laprensaoem