Kaiju no 8 – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

Kaiju no 8 is a manga that currently gives or fails with many fãs ao around the world, so conheça the main characters of the work, as well as some interesting curiosities about them. Kaiju no 8 – Conheça the main characters of the work Confira below: Kafka Hibino Ele is a member of the Defense Forces and ex-official of the Professional Kaiju Cleaning Company Monster Sweeper Inc. You say that a kaiju has managed to penetrate in your body, obtaining the ability to transform into a humanoid kaiju. Kafka has a comedic and childish personality, but he is determined and dedicated in more serious situations, fazendo whatever or what he can to achieve success. Mina Ashiro is the captain of the Terceira Defense Force Division and a childhood friend of Kafka Hibino, who is one of the main characters in Kaiju # 8. She is able to unleash 96% of her armor power at a higher level. percentage seen at that time Força de Defesa. She has also neutralized hundreds of kaiju in her career and demonic power to easily overpower giant-sized kaiju with just a few hits. Leno Ichikawa Leno Ichikawa is two main characters of Kaiju No. 8. He is a young man who started working for the Professional Kaiju Cleaning Company Monster Sweeper Inc. He made his dream of becoming a member of the Defense Force come true and he are some people who know the identity of Kafka Hibino as Kaiju no. 8, therefore supporting Kafka as his condition. Soshiro Hoshina Soshiro is the Vice-Captain of the Third Division of the Defense Forces and a very powerful fighter. He is able to unleash 92% of the power of his combinations, however, there is a time limit for him to abuse his power or it will be difficult for him to overcome it. Kikoru Shinomiya Kikoru Shinomiya is a young man who trained as a lecturer at California Neutralization University and at the Comandante da Força de Defesa Isao Shinomiya. It is a prodígio in the murder of Kaiju and aspired to be based on the Força de Defesa in the future. Despite being a rookie, Kikoru is able to unlock 46% of her costume’s potency on the first attempt. Ela melhora adds more to the shooter’s strength, unlocking 55% of the potency. As a third party in power, he receives his personal weapon, which is handed over to the captains and vice-captains. Kaiju # 10 Kaiju # 10 is a relentless and intimidating individual, aiming to the maximum to fulfill his missions. He also seems pretty confident, being a proud leader of a kaiju team and challenging the strongest member of the Força de Defesa you can find. Kaiju # 9 Kaiju # 9 is an unidentified humanoid Daikaiju that circles the dead kaiju by the defense forces. Previously, he had infiltrated the Professional Kaiju Cleaning Company Monster Sweeper Inc. Kaiju No. 2 In 1972, Kaiju No. 2 attacked and destroyed Sapporo, which was defeated and killed by the Defense Forces. His corpse was reused as the basis for Isao Shinomiya’s combat costume. Com isso, você viu os main characters of Kaiju no 8. Will also confirm:

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