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Komi Can’t Communicate announces anime with trailer, studio, and first window

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Oda Tomohito’s work will be the subject of a television adaptation this fall temporada. Just a few weeks ago, we echoed a possible announcement in the anime industry: the TV adaptation of “Komi Can’t Communicate”. The handwork of Oda Tomohito has become one of the most popular of the slice of life in print, so its recognition has praised such a scenario. Now, we see that the ad in question is finally formalized. Komi Can’t Communicate Reveals Its Anime In All Kinds Of Details In this way, before we proceed to the first details revealed about the anime of “Komi Can’t Communicate”, we will leave you its first promotional trailer: To begin, We will point out that the “Komi Can’t Communicate” anime premieres sometime in October 2021, although at the moment we don’t have a specific date for that. Additionally, while we don’t have the specific number of chapters for this debut, we’ll point out that it’s highly likely that there will be a total of 12 – which would keep the anime on air until winter temporada -. Another relevant aspect of the “Komi Can’t Communicate” anime is that the OLM studio will be in charge of its adaptation. Among some of the best-known works of the study we clearly find anime of enormous popularity such as “Pokémon” and “Inazuma Eleven”, but at the same time without forgetting the classics like the adaptation of “Berserk” from 1997. Finally, we will then leave to you the various professionals who have been confirmed to work on the anime “Komi Can’t Communicate”: General Manager: Ayumu Watanabe (“Major 2nd”, several “Doraemon” films). Director: Kazuki Kawagoe Composition: Deko Akao (“Amanchu!”) Character design: Atsuko Nakajima (“Ranman 1/2”). Voice of Shouko Komi: Aoi Koga (Kaguya Shinomiya in “Kaguya-sama: Love is War). Voice of Hitohito Tadano: Gakuto Kajiwara (Asta in” Black Clover “). Voice of Najima Osana: Rie Murakawa (Hotaru Icijou in” No No Biyori “). Synopsis of Komi Cannot Communicate” On his first day at the elite private Itan Institute, where the story mainly takes place, Shouko Komi immediately receives a wave of immense popularity due to his unprecedented beauty, as well as the refined elegance which her classmates believe she possesses. However, only Hitohito Tadano, a normal student sitting next to Komi, will be able to discover that behind her shocking good looks is a Komi with communication problems. Tadano helps Komi like this in her quest to find 100 different friends. ”