Laoshu50500 (Moses Mccormick) is dead?

Moses McCormick / Laoshu’s videos on youtube are an absolute joy to watch. To see the way he connected with people and the excitement they would have at someone speaking their native tongue to them in a foreign land is heartwarming. I’m sad to learn that he passed away.

You were such an inspiration and will continue to be so. The few interactions I had with you online I will always remember. My condolences to the entire McCormick family. This is very sad news. Every time I level up, I’ll always remember you Moses. #Laoshu

Laoshu50500 has passed away. Confirmed by his cousin and sister. Holy shit this is horrible. Rest In Peace. i just learned that moses mccormick, aka laoshu505000, has passed away. if you love linguistics, or just great youtube videos, check out his channel. he learned to speak over 50 languages, then went out and recorded himself having conversations w/ ppl.

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