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Last day to claim the Games with Gold in May 2021

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Games with Gold in May are about to give way to new faces. On the verge of splitting the year 2021 in two, it is now time to say goodbye to May, and with it to its Games with Gold offer. The video game that you won’t have to hurry is still Dungeons 3, as it will remain in the offering until June 15. The video games you can only use until today on your Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One are Armello and Tropico 4. You may also be interested: Biomutant debuts on Xbox, “fair” is its average score in OpenCritic. Armello: Play as the hero of one of the Armello clans and go on an adventure, plan plots, hire agents, explore, defeat monsters, cast spells and face other players … all to achieve your main objective: attack the palace and become the King or Queen of Armello. Tropico 4: The world is changing and Tropico is no stranger to these changes. If you want to triumph over all those who oppose you, you will need to gain the support of your people. Your decisions will determine the future of the nation and, more importantly, the size of your account in Switzerland. What comes in June. For the month of June, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members will have the usual offer of four video games. The titles added will be The King’s Bird, Shadows: Awakening, NEOGEO Battle Coliseum and Injustice: Gods Among Us. To follow all the news of the Xbox platform, do not hesitate to frequently visit our website and follow us on the networks social. You can follow the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.