Long-awaited Sonny Boy anime announces how many chapters it will have

The news of Madhouse and the director of the first temporada of One Punch Man will remain in the air for a few months.Some spring animes are already over, and those that are still in the air are having their hours ticked, as they say. The anime’s summer temporada is just around the corner and while, honestly, there doesn’t seem to be as much potential as the spring temporada, there is still some intriguing work out there. One of them is clearly “Sonny Boy”, through which the Madhouse studio will try to reposition itself in the elite of Japanese animation. Sonny Boy will air through the fall temporada. Then I leave you with the tweet by which it was confirmed how many chapters this original Madhouse anime will have: In total, so there will be 12 chapters that “Sonny aura Boy”, which is the standard length for most productions. original anime. This implies that the anime will remain on the air until the fall temporada, which begins roughly throughout the month of October. It’s easy to see why “Sonny Boy” is an eye-catching anime, and it’s that it has a pretty “different” artistic section than what we’re used to seeing in today’s world. the anime. On the other hand, although the premise is interesting, it is already closer to some popular stories: “The story focuses on 36 boys and girls. Over the course of August 16, in what appears to be an endless summer vacation, The Nagara Student, the mysterious Exchange Student Nozomi and his classmates like Mizuko and Asakaze are suddenly transferred from their quiet routines to a other dimension. In this, they must learn to survive through the use of the superpowers that they have awakened in them. . “Basically, ‘Sonny Boy’ will seek absolute immersion in an idea similar to isekai, in which to give preeminence to the superpowers and, logically, one would expect that too in action. The superpowers and the director of “One Punch Man” are two concepts that seem to go perfectly together, so you’ll have to be careful to see if “Sonny Boy” hits its premiere on July 15, 2021.

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