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Loses the battle against Covid-19, founder of the “ dining room of God ”

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Ricardo Villalva, shoe merchant and creator of the “Comedor de Dios”, which fed hundreds of people in Cancun at the worst of the pandemic, died on Friday from Covid-19. On April 20, 2021, he received from the authorities of the town hall of Benito Juárez the recognition “Sigfrido Paz Paredes” for his altruistic work. In this event, he pointed out that the “dining room of God” arose out of the need for food caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs, who do not have to feed their families, to pay rent, who have lost a loved one or a loved one,” he said as part of the 51st Cancun anniversary. He also recounted that on March 28, 2020, I was able to see with my own eyes the economic crisis that caused this disease, especially in tourist destinations such as Cancun, due to its dependence on tourist activity. Cancun: loses the battle against Covid-19, founder of “Comedor de Dios”; Ricardo Villalba has become an angel in the worst of the pandemic (rpd). “I could see Raúl, whom I knew as ‘El Chino’, searching the trash cans for leftover chicken bones to put in his mouth. I shared food with this man who had lost his job, like someone once did with me, ”he said. At that time, he thanked his brother for the support, who, seeing the great need that existed to bring a plate of food home, was financially supported by going to work in a taxi, catching coronavirus and losing his life for the desire to help. . He said his legacy of aid was what held him up, serving more than 250,000 plates of food over the course of a year. This Friday a delivery of toys was scheduled to celebrate “Children’s Day”, this activity has been canceled. It turned out that his body would be cremated. Rest in peace Ricardo Villalva.