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Lupine III announces part 6 of its anime for the franchise’s 50th anniversary

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Popular Thief will return to TV format thanks to a new adaptation from TMS Entertainment In the anime industry, there are brands that can be clearly recognized as classics; we’re talking about names like “Dragon Ball”, “Sailor Moon” and other franchises that have been in business for decades. In this context we can put “Lupine III” for a few years now, because after having returned to action “recently” the franchise has not stopped publishing new content. Now we know that one of entertainment’s most famous thieves will continue to be seen throughout Part 6 of “Lupine III”. Lupine III Will Return With More Anime To Celebrate Five Decades Of Life Next, we’ll leave you with the promotional trailer that has been shared over the past few hours to make this exciting news public: Part 6 of the anime, which will be provided by TMS Entertainment will serve not only to continue to expand the legend of the character, but also to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the IP. It should be noted that for the moment we have not had any confirmation as to the extension or when part 6 of “Lupine III” will be released, but fortunately we have the first names of the professionals involved (via ANN). STUDIO: TMS Entertainment Director: Eiji Suganama. Composition of the anime: Takahiro Okura. Character design: Hiroki Marufuji. Original creator: Monkey Punch. On the other hand, given that in Spain the most recent film in the franchise was licensed by Selecta Vision, and that Crunchyroll’s license for its various anime seasons is also the one that does not cover Spain, most likely, the Spanish publisher again has an advantage in securing the rights to this new part of the anime. In any case, it will be necessary for the moment to wait for the production of the first national production announcement. Synopsis of Lupine III “Arsene Lupine III is the grandson of world famous thief Arsene Lupine, and he manages to pay homage to his grandfather’s figure through being a leading thief himself. his infamy, Lupine III attracts the attention of persistent ICPO Inspector Zenigata, as well as other rival criminals. Lupine III’s lifestyle as a criminal is extrapolated even to his love life. Principal of Lupine III is the “femme fatale” Fujiko Mine, with whom Lupine III never knows whether he has an alliance or not. Follow Lupine and his partner Daisuke Jigen on their quest to take over the world – or at least. its precious parts! ”