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Megalo Box, the anime you should watch if it was ‘legal’ in Spain

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Lack of licensing is robbing many of one of the most notable productions on the scene right now. The anime industry has a lot of gems under its belt, and luckily today we have a fair amount on hand. hand in a fairly comfortable way. However, as I have already pointed out, in Spain we continue to receive content produced in the sector in an extremely limited way, and even with a dedicated platform like Crunchyroll we are legally losing around 50% of what comes from the Japan. This notably includes work like “Megalo Box”. How can I watch Megalo Box in Spain? The answer is simple: you can’t see “Megalo Box” in Spain. In other words, it can’t do it in a legal way, because not a single one of all the streaming content platforms that we have in the country has the national broadcasting rights. This is something that, again, happens frequently with many productions. That same year, in fact, it has already happened with “Wonder Egg Priority”, an anime which, despite its release and surprising in the process, continues without leaving a trace in our territory. Do I watch it even knowing the only way is to do it illegally? Piracy is clearly an evil that must eventually be eradicated sooner or later. There is nothing better to do if one enjoys an artistic production than to support the creator (s) of the aforementioned product, while possible. Unfortunately, the reality in Spain is that until another service like Funimation or even Crunchyroll itself takes new steps forward, you can still find yourself with the uncertainty that a work will never debut. legal in Spain. Megalo Box, without any legal response in Spain In the case of “Megalo Box”, the situation is even more problematic given that Funimation is the service that has acquired the rights to the second temporada of the anime, in addition to the one already the first fell in the possession of Adult Swim in the United States. This makes the work of an agreement for the dissemination of the work in Spain, where anime services are scarce, really complicated. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to force the machines and illegally watch an anime like “Megalo Box,” but the reality is that a legal anime premiere seems like a long, long way away. Why is the Megalo Box so worth it? The first temporada of “Megalo Box”, which debuted in 2018 – 3 years have passed and no trace in Spain – has already left us with a magnificent base in the form of a boxing anime. The story evoked that mythical line from “From Rags to Riches” that we have seen so much in the Uncharted franchise of Sir Francis Drake and also Nathan Drake; “Joe”, a person who rigged small-scale boxing matches with his agent, ends up forming a “family” through which to grow to greatness: Megalonia, a first edition which faced the best representatives of the “Megalobox” “. With this futuristic discipline of boxing established as the basis of the story, the tale took us to a dive in temporada 2 of “Megalo Box”. The action, when in doubt, is brilliant thanks to a “ retro ” style which, while not always top notch, still leaves us with some truly brilliant moments. But to get back to the story, the sequel to “Megalo Box” features the descent into hell of “Joe”, where after having everything, he returns to his origins, although this time with an even worse position than him. had initially started. The second temporada therefore took us on a journey of redemption which had spectacular moments, as well as a soundtrack to remember -a hello to the hummingbird. In short, “Megalo Box” has it all to be an anime that should be available in the catalog of some excellent anime services and … however, it isn’t. Also, with Sony’s agreement to buy Crunchyroll completely frozen for now, we’re even more uncertain than ever if we will be able to see some of these productions that are lost in the Funimation catalog.