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menu for Quick Resum and much more

  • by Alba luz Leal
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New Xbox System Update Brings Many Improvements Including Quick Resume Menu New Operating System Update Brings Us Some Improvements And New Options To Enjoy Our Xbox One And Xbox Series S | X. As we can read in the Xbox Wire article, from quick resume to parental controls, they are given new possibilities. Although other applications and ways to enjoy multimedia have their new additions. Below we have summarized the most relevant content. Quick Resume Quick Resume is one of those abilities that improves the quality of life of the player. Well, thanks to the Xbox Velocity architecture of the Xbox Series S | X, we can instantly switch between games and continue the game without previous menus or loading screens. With the new update Quick Resume gets even better, as it is now easier to identify which games support this feature and which are in this state at the moment. In the context menu we have a new group of games “Quick Resume” which shows the ones we have in this state, and we can switch between them with one click. On the other hand, there is a new grouping in our library to know all the compatible games. Audio Pass-Through for Multimedia Applications With this new feature, we can make applications such as Disney +, Vudu or Netflix stream their audio directly to the TV without going through the console. In this way, the decoding of the audio allows for better quality through the audio devices connected to the TV, regardless of the Xbox system itself. To use this new feature, you just need to check the box in the audio settings. In addition, applications that support this function will be marked. Trailers on Xbox Game Pass The discovery of our next favorite game now comes with a video. Well, from the Xbox Game Pass library on the console, we can see the teasers of the games listed. Just by hovering over its icon, a small trailer will be displayed in said space to get a better idea of ​​the title in question. With that, there’s no need to go look for the trailer on the Store or YouTube to find out if we’re interested. New dynamic backgrounds With the arrival of the Xbox Series S | X, the dedicated system team launched the dynamic themes. A feature that allows you to personalize the main screen with animated color patterns. This month, the new song “Motes” arrives. This theme can be found in Settings – General – Personalization – Theme – Dynamic Backgrounds Multiplayer with Parental Controls Played By Game Last fall, the Xbox Family Settings app for Android and iOS arrived. However, this month parents will have access to allow or deny multiplayer for title-by-title games. This can be done both from the app and from the console itself. If your kids want to play a specific online title that you’ve blocked by parental controls, they’ll have the option to send a request that you can approve or deny from the app at that time. In addition, this permission can be withdrawn at any time if you change your mind.