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Messi’s contract with Barcelona revealed: when is he leaving the club and where will he retire

  • by Alba luz Leal
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In the last few hours, new details about Lionel Messi’s negotiation with Barcelona have come to light. After Laporta’s meeting with the player’s agent and father, the Spanish press looks at the points of the player’s contract. According to journalist Sigue Rodríguez, the Argentine would accept a 50% reduction in his salary which he would recover in the medium term. But on top of that, he also touched on the time of the contract: Barca club offer a two-year contract, then he would play Inter Miami and then go back to Barca’s organizational chart. The truth is that the definition of the striker’s novel with the Spanish team is approaching. Everything indicates that he will renew with the team and that they are moving forward hard with negotiations and offers from both sides, while fans are excited by the news. Different football personalities spoke in a report on TV3 in Spain to call the Argentinian player, he remained at the Barça club: “I cannot imagine Messi outside Barça. As a fan and friend of the club, I told him not to leave. The best for him would be to have an end of career of three, four, five or six years in the club where he was happiest, ”recalls Luis Suárez, former player of the team culé. For his part, Xavi was much more critical of the situation: “You have to make sure that Leo is happy, because with a happy and content Leo you have more winning titles and things are working and many times that has given me the feeling that Leo hasn’t been happy on the pitch, that he has, I’ve been sad and it makes me sad as a Cule that we haven’t had enough of it in the last few years. We had the best footballer in the world and in history and we did not take enough advantage of him Jorge Valdano said the player did not receive the necessary support from the club when he needed it most: “Messi gave everything to Barcelona, ​​He was in a hurry for Barcelona. When the moment of maturity came and he started needing more help, the club didn’t aim to get it right, ”said Real Madrid’s benchmark for this report.