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Moment of panic? NASA ingenuity gets furious in flight to Mars

  • by Alba luz Leal

UNITED STATES.- The arrival of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars was another step for NASA to better understand the red planet. In April, he had experienced some difficulties due to a software update. But again, on his sixth flight, a problem arose that caused him to recalculate mid-flight to the terror of the space agency. The goal of Ingenuity is to be able to record images of Mars and land on a specific site. But his navigation system suffered a few mishaps which forced him to land “urgently”. For this reason, NASA issued a statement explaining that the problem occurred at the end of the mission and, in a timely manner, clarified that the error had occurred in the navigation camera system. In this context, it was added that as a result of this failure incorrect data began to be received in its sources. In addition, the system itself “launched” “ghost bugs” in order to protect the helicopter. So, as he tried to self-correct, a series of moves occurred with great impulse, but luckily for the agency, he was able to complete his mission. You will enjoy. I captured the 3rd flight of # MarsHelicopter in # 3D. Do you have red / blue glasses? Watch him get up and zoom in before coming back to nail his landing. Story: Make 3D glasses: More of Mars in 3D: – Perseverance Mars NASA Rover (@NASAPersevere) May 12, 2021 In the meantime, it should be noted that the Ingenuity helicopter has a two-way navigation system. The first of these is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to monitor the rotational speed of the rotor; with it you can calculate the speed and position of the air. And the second is a monochrome camera that can capture 30 photos per second so you know where you are. “From that point on, whenever the navigation algorithm made a correction based on a navigation image, it worked based on incorrect information about when the image was taken,” the pilot revealed. in chief of Ingenuity Håvard Grip. Finally, a curious fact is that one of the photos of the helicopter suddenly disappeared, giving way to the incorrect values ​​exposed by the expert.