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Motorist avoids assaults by spraying thieves with gasoline

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Chili. – Although no one is ready to face an assault, there are those who react and defend themselves with what they have in hand, this is what happened to a motorist in a gas station. It turns out that this motorist was filling the fuel tank when a truck suddenly approached him, from which three men got out and another remained on board. The subjects’ intention was to assault the motorist dispensing gasoline, however, he acted instinctively and began to spray gasoline on them. Although the location of the events has not been determined, it can be verified that it developed during the pandemic as those involved wear masks. The video was uploaded to Twitter by user @ Osvaldo04110700, who lives in Chile, although he did not give further details on where and when the events were recorded, it refers only to the fact that ‘it was necessary to start a match with the thugs. You might also be interested in: Video: Attacker receives two bullets while trying to escape Clip shows the alleged victim, who notices the thieves’ intentions, so he removes the dispatch pump from the vehicle he was providing and begins to spray gasoline on suspected criminals. Remarkable .. !!!! 👏👏 don’t miss the match anymore… – osvaldo vega patriota 🇨🇱 (@ Osvaldo04110700) April 29, 2021 Thus, he prevented criminals from assaulting him, who do not give him credit for what the motorists did. Faced with the rapid reaction of motorists, the suspected thieves board the unit in which they arrived and leave the scene. It should be noted that the video already exceeds 43,000 reproductions, generating endless reactions due to the speed with which the motorist acts. With information from: Unotv