Mushoku Tensei – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

Mushoku Tensei has been a big surprise for us this year, so here you can confirm the main people of the job, as well as some more interesting curiosities about them. Mushoku Tensei – Discover the main characters of the work Check out the list of the two main characters of Mushoku Tensei below: Rudeus Greyrat Rudeus Greyrat is the main character of Mushoku Tensei. Prior to his reincarnation, he was an overweight 34-year-old Japanese NEET who became an inmate after his persecution from school. Your current body has a great affinity for magic, even as you grow older. Eris Boreas Greyrat Eris Boreas Greyra is a Garota nobleman and a distant relative of Rudeus. She’s a tsundere character with a short temper, plus a potential non-Sword-God style item. During her journey home during a teleportation incident, she adores Rudeus. Sylphiette Sylphiette is a childhood friend of Rudeus who is at the same time human, elf and race of feras. Apostle or teleportation incident, during or during which her hair was white from mana exhaustion, she became a coast guard of Princess Ariel under or pseudônimo de Fitts. Roxy Migurdia Roxy Migurdia is a talented Migurd Mage and former teacher of magic. Unable to use telepathy, she leaves her village feeling isolated from her colleagues. Unable to earn a stable life as an adventurer, she becomes a traveling tutor and eventually becomes Rudeus’ teacher. Apos or teleportation incident, Roxy helps Paul procure survivors in the world. Norn Greyrat Norn Greyrat é a irmã mais nova by Rudeus Greyrat and meia-irmã mais velha by Aisha Greyrat. She is the new president of the student council who succeeds Ariel Anemoi Asura. Paul Greyrat Paul Greyrat, born Paul Notos Greyrat, e o pai of Rudeus Greyrat, Norn Greyrat and Aisha Greyrat. He is a talented homem who became advanced in the three sword arts in a youthful way and a lustful homem who lured many women to sleep before Zenith rushed him. Apos or teleportation incident and unable to reunite with his family, Paul fell into depression and stifled his pain in alcohol upon his reunion with Rudeus. Zenith Greyrat Zenith Greyrat, born Zenith Latreia, is the wife of Paul Greyrat and more than Rudeus Greyrat and Norn Greyrat. She left her first home, Latreia due to her restrictive lifestyle, and sought to become an adventurer with her healing magic abilities. Aisha Greyrat Aisha Greyrat is a meia-irmã mais nova by Rudeus Grayrat and Norn Grayrat. Born and raised by Lilia Greyrat, Aisha’s personality is more adult than her life, able to tremble and squeeze like a young girl. Also check: O anime is available to assist at Funimation.

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