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My Next Life as Villain temporada 2 has a release date

  • by Alba luz Leal
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“My Next Villainous Life: All Roads Lead to Doom!” aired a first temporada in 2020 which quickly catapulted it among the best anime combining isekai and comedy. Catarina’s busy life after being resurrected in a video game world has brought her through all kinds of ridiculous storylines to this day, a situation that seems to carry on into her long-awaited temporada 2. My Next Life as a Villain kicks off the second temporada. In this way, after previously announcing that the second temporada of the anime will be released during the month of July 2021, we finally have a specific date for this one: How do we check out the new trailer for “My Next Life as a Villainess,” which also gives us a first look at the anime’s new opening theme (Fall in Love at Andante!), Reveals that temporada 2 of the anime will be released on July 2, 2021. So that implies, this will be one of the first anime to premiere for a summer program that only takes place a little over a month after arriving. This second temporada, of course, will introduce new characters to the world of “My Next Life as a Villain,” among which names such as Rufus Brode, Geoffrey Stuart, and Susanna Randall have already stood out. Where we hardly find any changes will be in those responsible for anime production, mainly highlighting the new presence of Yuki Kuribayashi as a 3D director. Synopsis for My Next Life as a Villain: All Roads Lead to Doom! After having hit her head hard one day, the daughter of the Duke of Claes, Katarina, recovers all the memories of her previous life: that of a simple Japanese woman. Remembering the moment before her unexpected death, this girl also remembers playing an otome game … in which world she now resides! Now she is Katarina Claes, the game’s antagonist who keeps making life impossible for the protagonist throughout the game, and realizes that all possible routes end with her death or exile. Will Katarina survive in this world where death lurks around every corner? ”